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What is RotoMoulding Powder?

Rotational Moulding is a plastics moulding process for creating mostly seamless hollow parts. In this high temperature, ambient pressure, open moulding plastic forming process a hollow mould, in the shape of the part to be produced is filled with a charge of resin in powder form and then rotated biaxially. The rotation is at low RPM around 2 perpendicular axes, in a heated oven.

What is Foam Compounds?

We offer different formulations for foam compounds depending on the product applications and processing window. We specialize in manufacturing foam compounds for rotational molding. We have different grades designed for specific applications. We can customize the formulations required for a new application. The most important aspect of our offering is we offer a total technological solution. Which helps customers to launch the product in the market in the shortest possible time.

What is Rotolining Compound?

We offer modified polythylene based powder for rotolining. This grade offers excellent adhesion to metals and selected polymers. Typical application includes linings and coating for pipes, drums, hollow vessels and irregularly shaped parts.
Rotolining is process that allows a chemically modified polythylene to form a bond with metals or other resins. The bonded plastic can br used to line metal vessels, tanks, pipes or other components for corrosion protection and chemical resistance.

stone effect

What is Stone Effect Powder?

With our specially blended powders, roto molded product replicates the beauty of the natural stone without maintaining hassle. The product gets value enhancements. It can be used for pots, planters, outdoor furniture, and bins.

Roto Molding Color Powder

We offer different color powder for rotationally molded products. Different colors are available, more can be developed as per customer requirement. Our technical team can suggest UV stabilization and antioxidant package suitable for product life and function.

glossy water tanks

Speciality Metallocene Grades

High ESCR, High Melt Flow, High Gloss MPE 35 Compound. High density, Spacial Approved Grade For Disel Tanks. High Density, High Strength, High Stiffness

Clear Transparent RotoMolding

Clear Transparent RotoMolding PP Grade mostly used in furniture, designing structural parts and any other house appliances, such as lamps, etc.


Flexibility Road Sign And Bollard Applications